Monthly Archives: February 2015

Winter Fun!

Do you have the winter blues? Are you longing for the whispering wind of that warm day at the beach? I'm sure your dog feels the same way! To boost both of your spirits go play in the snow, play with a toy or go for a walk. Try to make the best of winter,…
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Saturday afternoon trip to the farm

I couldn't help but share this joyful photo! Memphis was pretty excited we were heading to the farm this afternoon with Naomi. I think her smile shows it! After a few fun hours playing in the snow with Ike, Oliver & Pebbles, she's now sound asleep on the couch. Don't forget how important regular exercise…
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Play date at the farm!

Negaunee - February 22, 2015 - We had a play date with Memphis at the farm in Negaunee Township.  Our dogs ran around while the humans ate cake!  Anyway, we all behaved.  If you'd like your dog to be a better canine citizen, I think I can help.  So call me for an meet and…
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