Choose One on One Personalize Marquette Dog Training For Best Results

Marquette  – February 1, 2013 – Welcome to our site. We would love to meet you and your dog in the Marquette, Michigan area. We specialize in making dogs “Good Canine Citizens”.

We love our pets, and there’s no friend like a dog. But sometimes our dogs can be unruly like jumping on people, barking or sniffing & even being aggressive at the dog park. Everyone wants a dog that behaves! For gentle, one on one, personalized help with dog issues, contact me, Naomi Vizena at Dogs Beyond The Fence.

The goal is Good behavior.  I am fully certified by Penn Foster, AKC & Pet Partners. I am booking appointments.

When your dog lunges or chases a car it’s dangerous & you never know when the car is coming.  Actually Group training can lack results, because dogs aren’t listening if they are playing, sniffing and protecting their turf.

Remember, Dogs Beyond The Fence offers one on one training for you & your canine friend. I will stage situations to build confidence where it’s needed.

Plus, Does your dog sit, stay, come on command, respectfully greet other dogs & mind its own business.. If not, we can teach old dogs new tricks.

Infact, Dogs Beyond The Fence can teach any dog to do the right tricks.

I can help you get “AKC certified” as a Canine Good Citizen. So for gentle, one on one, personalized help with dog issues, contact me at 906-361-4939.