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Meet Our dogs:


Registered Collie. 





IMG_9630PEBBLES: Our AKC registered Cairn Terrier, she is about 4 years old. Pebbles is owned by Rita and Todd Noordyk. Pebbles has recently been certified with Pet Partners as a Therapy Dog and earned her Canine Good Citizenship Advanced Title. She also enjoys swimming, and helping with daily chores on our family farm.







MEMPHIS: Our AKC registered Doberman, she is 3 year old. Memphis is owned by Amanda Noordyk and Aaron Peano. She just earned her Canine Good Citizen Title from the AKC and is working towards the Therapy Certification. 







Whisper: whisp and i in truck An AKC registered English Setter, she passed away at the age of 8 in July of 2013. She was owned by Naomi Noordyk. She was a Complex rated Therapy Dog since 2009, certified with the Superiorland Pet Partners (the Delta Society). In her earlier days she was a show dog working towards her championship title. She was given to Naomi with whom she spent the last 5 years of her life enjoying her time on the farm. She went along on every training appointment assisting Naomi with training many dogs as well as puppies in the community. Remember to always chase the butterflies


BELLA:  Our AKC Registered Newfoundland, she is 4 years old. Bella is owned by Naomi Noordyk. Bella loves going along on appointments with Naomi and is a great neutral dog for many puppies in our community! She also loves swimming, long walks and looking after her little master, Van. 

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