Training Philosophy:

Dogs Beyond the Fence will bring you positive training and better human-dog interaction to help you jump over the fence in your life. Our Animal Behaviorist and Dog Psychologist, Naomi Noordyk, will help you achieve your goal. We train all dogs, in all disciplines – from basic puppy commands to advanced obedience training. If your dog jumps, has aggression issues, marks in the house or if you just want great companionship, we can help!   

We have many training opportunities throughout Marquette County and are striving to make an overall better dog community.



Private Training and Classes:

We offer a wide variety of classes and other training. All of our classes are 6-8 sessions starting at one hour per session. We prefer to not have more than four dogs in a class. Prices will vary depending on the class.


Private Session: 1 hour – $40.00


Semi-Private Session: 1.5 hours – $30.00 per dog and handler team (maximum is 3)


Canine Good Citizenship Training and Testing

Therapy Dog Training

Agility Training

Show Confirmation Prep

Basic Puppy Commands Class

Novice Obedience Class

Rally Class

Young Dog Class

Advanced Obedience Class

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Looking for a class to bring our 4.5 year old male boxer. He’s still our pup and has never been to obedience classes but I’ve definitely worked with him at the house. He needs structure and socializing.

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